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Herb and Spice Labels

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Add some personality to your kitchen with our custom made spice labels to take your pantry organisation to the next level. 

These labels are the perfect size for our Square GlassHerb & Spice Jar, our 200ml Bamboo Lid Jar, and our 500ml Bamboo Lid Jar

Please read this before placing an order

Each label is approximately, 4-8cm (1-3 inches) depending on the font you choose and the name on the label. Please note this is only a guide as word lengths and fonts affect the size. 

1 label has 1 ingredient name, maximum 2-3 words per label. 

Please type labels as you would like them to appear, (e.g. If you type in capital letters this is how we will make your labels.) Please do not include numbers to list your labels unless you want them to appear numbered in the final label. Put each new label on a new line and do not separate them by commas or fullstops.

Instructions on how to apply your labels will be sent out with your order please read carefully and follow. 

Orders are final, you can not change them once confirmed, before producing your order we will reach out to confirm it. If you would like to add more labels once your order is confirmed please place a new separate order.